1-4 JUNE, 2023
Berlin Sector Sisters Conference
Flying on Two Wings!
Here comes the vanguards of a new revolution.

When women come together, something special happens. In this conference sisters and Didis from all over Europe come together and enjoy that special inspiration.

Interesting discussions, workshops and programmes will take place that empowers both on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Baba said ” Show your worth and take your place “.

It is now time to put this into practice.

Welcome to a really special sisters conference!

The Venue
A'nanda Vipa'sha' Center for Yoga and Meditation
Verona, Italy

Suggested Contribution
125 EURO

Kiirtan and Meditation

This will be a programme with a major focus on our spiritual practices. Every morning we will keep

absolute maonabrata and every day we will do

Akhanda Kiirtan or Sadhana Shivir.

The Venue
The Berlin Sector Sisters Conference will take place in the beautiful Ánanda Vipáshá Master Unit, A'nanda Marga yoga and meditation center since 1987, which is situated above Lake Garda with a quite stunning view of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
Here you will sleep in rooms with 4-6 other women.
  • Our meditation hall
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining hall
  • The house
Your Acharyas
Here are a few of the many Didis that will be at the conference along with many sisters
from around the sector
  • SWWS Didi Ananda Manika
  • HPMGL Didi Ananda Prama
  • Didi Ananda Dayashiila
  • Didi Ananda Samprajina
  • Didi Ananda Devapriya
  • Didi Jyoti

Program Highlights

Yoga Asanas

Every morning just before breakfast there will be an hour of asana class led by experienced sisters.

Delicious Food

Delicious and nourishing for all levels of our being: body, mind and even spirit. All meals will be gluten-free and vegan.

We will take care of all your specific dietary needs.


From wakeup until the end of breakfast we will keep absolute silence (maonavrata) every day.

We will spend these few hours in inner ideation focusing our mind steadily on the infinite consciousness within.

Daily Programme
Thursday, June 1
Day one: Arrival and introduction

Arrival any time before 18:00
Friday, June 2
Day two: The individual development

"Strength through challenges"
What challenges do we face as women? How do we become the vanguards for a new society?

  • Workshop by Didi Ananda Prama and Didi Ananda Rainjana
Saturday, June 3
Day three: Community development

"Strength through community"
What does feminine leadership look like? What is coordinated cooperation? How do we clearly define the work of WWD and actualise it in society.

  • Workshop by Didi Ananda Dayashiila, Didi Ananda Devapriya and Didi Ananda Samprajina
Sunday, June 4
Day four: Women's health and departure

The body’s spiritual healing
How surrender and unconditional love for ourselves and others keeps our body healthy and do miracles in our body when needed.

  • Workshop by Didi Ananda Rainjana

We wish to give mothers a holiday so in this program children are not expected to participate.

During collective yoga, meditation and programme we wish to minimize external distractions to maintain concentration within.


We would like to create a flow where everyone moves together. We start together and we end together. This will bring a special quality to this program which we are sure will benefit everyone very much.

Please arrive anytime on Thursday.

What to bring
  • For your stay: slippers for inside the house – bare feet only in the meditation room.
  • Personal towel and sleeping bag or blanket.
  • For outside: sneakers or comfortable shoes for the afternoon hike.
  • For the practice : blanket and yoga mat. Water bottle, sun hat, notebook and pen.
Book your place!
Ananda Vipasha has a limit of 45 beds. We believe it will fill up so register now!
Suggested donation: 125 euro

If anyone has difficulties to pay this amount, please contact us directly. If you have the capacity to add a little extra to your fee, please do so to give chance for those who have difficulties to afford the full payment.
Thank you.

Deadline for reservations Monday, May 15.

if you have any questions please write to:


or call/whatsApp/Telegram:

Didi Ananda Samprajina 0046 709964897

Latìkà 0039 3319229346


Centro Yoga Ananda Vipasha
Centro Yoga - Meditazione Ananda Vipasha, Case Sparse Brolazzo 3
Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella,VR 37015 Italia + Google Maps


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